Utopian Clients

  • Metro Print, Inc.
  • Prints Etc, Inc.
  • River Bar & Grill
  • Watering Hole NYC
  • Louie Torrellas, Actor
  • Glass Ceiling Media
  • Brandon Dengler, Architect
  • EFS Design, Inc.
  • Antidote, LLC
    Utopian Services

Utopian Industries is a service company, We understand the internet, we use networks and technology to our advantage, we utilize a conceptual eye for design, and find production methods which fit the project. We don't think of ourselves as a technology firm, a graphic design studio, or production house, we think of ourselves as people who have the right services to fit our clients' goals.


We use the latest technology and software in animation production. By find the right technology to fit the look and feel our clients want to achieve while keeping production time low.


Utopian Industries offers its services to help make your ideas a reality through creating original concept art and animatics for projects ranging from live action to fully animated features.


Utopian industries can finalize most film formats a number of graphic treatments and color correction to deliver an amazing final cut.

Digital-Video Editing

We deliver a polished and completed audio and visual product that best represents the subject you had filmed.

Motion Graphics

We enhance original designs with motion in mind for a variety of different formats and platforms.

Custom Branding

By sitting down with you, we can create a unique identity that represents your project or company.

Web Design

We design websites from the ground up, we understand layout, hierarchy and how to incorporate visual aesthetics of an existing brand.

Software Development

By building a sturdy back end for your projects, we can ensure smooth running websites, web devices and custom software

Web/Mobile Apps

With content for mobile apps becoming ever more important, we can bring your ideas and products to a number of different devices and platforms.